Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do you scream for ice cream?

yessss i do...yumm yumm*Do you scream for ice cream?
ice cream, you scream , we all scream for ice creamDo you scream for ice cream?
Oh! AHHHHhhhhhh. I just like screaming sometimes. Jk I do like a bowl here and there. Warning too much will get you fat.
yes especially during hot summer nights
walnut ripple MMMMM
Eh, only on Fridays.
yes yes yes yes YES YES
I scream for it and at it!!
He!! YES!!!
Not right now, no.
i dont care 4 ice cream :P really...
I'm a screamer for ice cream.
i scream for your cream ;)

Do you scream for ice cream?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!

Jeez, I haven't said that in years!!!Do you scream for ice cream?
Lol, not really. My mom used to buy ice cream every month for about 5-9 years, and since the economy has gotten so bad, we've had to make cutbacks with things like ice cream. Surprisingly, I don't crave it as much as I thought I would.Do you scream for ice cream?
Not anymore =(
Sometimes =)
We ALL scream for ice cream!
Hell yeah =]
depends on the kind

Do you scream for ice cream?

I don't, I don't really like ice cream.Do you scream for ice cream?
i scream for anything all the time hahaDo you scream for ice cream?
yeah i dont really like ice cream either, unless its frozen yoghurt or cookies and cream.

dammit, now im craving cookies and cream
I scream for everything I want
yes. i really do. but i scream even louder for cookies
I scream, you don't scream, most people scream for ice cream!
Yes, espicially if its cookies n creme
I do. I do infact scream for ice cream.
Yes but only chocolate! Vanilla is gross!
Only if I'm throwing a temper tantrum.
No, I punch you in the teeth and run for ice cream.

i perfer yelling at icecream :}

nope but i scream for frosting.
no, don't really like it either
I do. I made some ice cream today!
depends..if i'm in the mood for ice cream
Not really!

But i like it!
Yes! I'm scream for ice cream right now!

of course i do ;]
AHHHHHHHHHH....yes I do. i just ate some butter pecan.
i %26lt;3 ice cream!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh; I love it!!!
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  • When the ice cream man comes to your neighborhood, do you come running out of your house screaming?

    yes.. i did it all my life and i will keep on doing. That ice cream just tastes so good!!!When the ice cream man comes to your neighborhood, do you come running out of your house screaming?
    I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!When the ice cream man comes to your neighborhood, do you come running out of your house screaming?
    :(..There is no Ice cream man where I live..

    On..occasion..I run into the store screaming..
    LOL!!! Noooooooo
    Yes, of course I the great embarrassment of my husband and children.

    They always get ice cream before all the other kids in the neighborhood, and even though they are adults they still love it.

    Plus it makes my neighbors sure that I am nuts.....I just love ice cream....

    Ha, ha

    Have a good night, and enjoy ice cream from the ice cream truck any time you can...all the running erases all the calories....
    I do when I'm babysitting, because if I don't I'll be looking at two flattened children in the road.

    Will you stop screaming and tell me how many scoops of ice cream you want??

    How about one for me %26amp; one for you! Than we could share.Will you stop screaming and tell me how many scoops of ice cream you want??
    Just one, thank you: on my tummy;-)Will you stop screaming and tell me how many scoops of ice cream you want??
    Right now I could use a whole tub of mint chocolate chip...........Of course I wouldn't eat the whole thing but it's comforting to know it's there if I want more :)
    Just 1, Butter Pecan, please
    2 and it has to be in a cake cone!
    sorry !

    3 plz

    chocolate chip?

    just making sure
    But I WANT to ride the pony! Waaaaaaaaah!
    One scoop chocolate chip, one scoop chocolate. Thank you.
    3 please
    2 for the time being........
    Two scoops of chocolate and vanilla please.
    make mine a double decker please first scoop double chocolate fudge and the second scoop chocolate brownie

    None. I'm on a diet.
    Three please !!!!!!!!!!! On a darn waffle cone too LOL LOL LOL!!!!!
    2 scoops of mint chocolate chip please
    I DON'T WANT ANY!!!!!!!!

    What snacks are okay to eat to satisfy that sweet tooth that screams candy or ice cream?

    I am 25 5';1 I am like 90 pounds over wieght I am 220 right now I believe the ideal wieght for myself would be around 125-130 I have an exercise program layed out for myself now all i need to do is eat healthier I want to become that woman that my husband first met again I have 3 children I gave birth to my daughter and i am a step mommy to my 2 oldest kido's I want to my kids are 3, 8, and 9 and I want to have that energy again to run around without feeling like im going to hurl or run outta breathe I need to know about the snacks i am able to eat such as nuts and are dried cranberries okay to eat ?? Im always snacking with my kids and I was always curoius about that I understand the protien meals you know chicken and stuff and fish and meaty foods but what about the snacks or what to do for that late night crave ? I dont want to throw my goal out the window and let the chocolate snack ruin it for me please helps guys I love to eat grapes is that okay ??? or does it contain too much surgar ?? thanks for the feedback :) all awnsers are greatly appreciated :)What snacks are okay to eat to satisfy that sweet tooth that screams candy or ice cream?
    fruits and veggies are okay...I go with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream if I need something really sweetWhat snacks are okay to eat to satisfy that sweet tooth that screams candy or ice cream?
    something sweet and healthy..

    grind up some ice in the blender and get it to a slushy consistency. add low fat yogurt, MAYBE low fat icecream, a fruit of your choice..

    home made smoothies really are delicious.
    sugar free fudge pops - 40 cals.
    I think fruits and veggies are the way to go...

    It's very important to eat a good, healthy breakfast to start your day. Skipping breakfast hurts your chances of losing weight.

    Avoid too many fats and simple carbs (things containing sugar or corn syrup).

    Exercise, even moderate to begin with, is a good idea.

    Try not eating at all (or rarely) after dinner.

    Also, sometimes you may think you are hungry and it might be thirst. Try drinking some water, fruit juice, or tea before grabbing a snack.

    The best of luck to you!
    If you like grapes, freeze them.

    They make GREAT snacks and since they are frozen they take longer to eat.

    I was where you are! I am 5'4'; and WAS 275! I am now a very comfortable 145. I feel GREAT! I did it by simply making 90% of what went in my mouth natural. Fruits, veggies and whole grains. (I love Kashi EVERYTHING!) Stay away from juices, and go light on dried fruits, but if its something that's not processed it's good.
    You need to eat things that are high in protein and fill you up more. so like you said almonds and dried cranberry's are soo good if you mix them together. But remember not to eat more that a handful of nuts a day. Yes eat fruit! I give up sweets for lent every year so i usually go though a lot alot of fruit ( like grapes c:) then. Also, what i do when i want soda , i mix seltzer water and a yummy 100% fruit juice. If you crave chocolate at night eat some special K chocolaty delight. or have like chex with silk chocolate soy milk. If you want ice cream, opt for like frozen yogurt. There are kinds with no sugar and no fat. or low fat and low sugar kinds. What i have learned is that the true way to loose fat it to cut the calories. Because you need carbs. and there are good kinds of fats (thats why nuts and oats are so good for you!) so really just remember to keep the cal. count low.

    Good luck! you can do itt!

    Fresh fruits and veggies and dried fruits, nuts, plain popcorn, etc. All make good snacks as long as you keep it within reasonable amounts. Remember, those all have calories as well so they have to be part of your daily plan/calorie count. Yahoo just recently had a very nice article on the front page about dieting and weight loss. It was about a study that was done showing that ';fad'; diets like no or low carb and no or very low fat were not effective in the long run. What really matters is calories in vs. calories used. I can also tell you from experience that if you are really craving something, you should just eat it. Otherwise you will snack and nibble on other things and you'll still be craving the ';bad'; thing. Eventually you will probably break down and eat that, too.

    I used to be heavy when I worked in the computer industry. Now I am in my dream job - I'm a chef. I eat a lot more, but I'm at my ';perfect'; weight. How can this be? Well, easy in theory, but difficult in practice. I had to change my relationship with food. I am a major chocoholic and I tried to get off chocolate when I was trying to lose weight. I finally learned through research and online support groups that was a bad idea. I bought individually wrapped chocolates (I'm especially fond of the Ghiradelli's Intense Dark line of chocolates) and would take out exactly one serving per day. The rest of the bag was put somewhere I would have to scale a cabinet to get to. I figured those into my daily calories. Eventually I got to the point where just one little square, broken in pieces and slowly savored, would take care of the craving. I increased my exercise. Now I jog every morning and sometimes again at night. The weight just flew off of me and I didn't feel deprived at all.

    Join some online weight loss support groups. A good one is here -----%26gt; It's free and everyone there swaps tips constantly. Try to find an active group or team to join after you've taken a peek and lurked a bit. They weren't around when I had a weight problem, but I go there once in a while when I'm having problems staying motivated about my exercise regimen. The simple truth - I ~love~ to eat. I refuse to change my eating habits. So I *must* exercise or I'll get fat again. That's something I also refuse to do.

    You can also go to this place -----%26gt; It is free to join and blog, you can read other people's blogs for motivation and if you're up for some friendly competition you can take a challenge for the sign-up fee for that particular challenge. If you win, you get everyone else's sign up fee. So cash for losing your fat, if you want. A friend of mine totally smoked everyone else there on a competition and won a bit over $500. Think ';The Biggest Loser';, but online and you can choose if you want to be in one or not. She enjoys that site.

    There's also Buddy Slim here -----%26gt; Another free site where people exchange ideas and tips on dieting, weight loss and motivate one another to exercise and stick to their plan.

    If you're serious about losing weight, join more than one. Keep a food diary. Blog about everything, especially if you're an emotional eater or a binger. (I'm both! LOL!) It really does help keep you on track!

    Good luck, darlin! You CAN do it!

    If I screamed out loud ';Ice Cream, Ice Cream, My Kingdom for an Ice Cream'; what would you retort?

    I would be struck dumb for 5 seconds... then go buy some Ice Cream.If I screamed out loud ';Ice Cream, Ice Cream, My Kingdom for an Ice Cream'; what would you retort?
    what flavor do you want and can I have some